Recent Storm and Flood Damage

Attention homeowners and residents of the Timbers and Hight Prairie Farms:

The recent rain and hail storm has caused a fair amount of damage to the drainage-ways and creeks within the subdivision. Various gauges indicate about 2” of rain fell in less than 45-minutes and was accompanied by hail. The intensity of the storm combined with hail over the dry soil caused significant runoff and some minor flooding. Several detention ponds were overwhelmed due to debris clogging the drainage inlets and culverts resulting in minor street flooding and erosion. Minor flooding and runoff from open space areas has also been noted.  The Metro District has been working on several storm related issues on a prioritized basis. Efforts to keep streets open and passable and clearing debris from major drainage-ways and detention ponds are ongoing. The District is also assessing other damage and establishing short term recovery steps.

Longer term, the Metro District is partnering with Douglas County and the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD) to survey and develop plans to revamp the Timbers Creek drainage-way. An interagency agreement will be in place to allow engineering work to begin on the channel this month. Project plans will be developed over the coming months. It is anticipated that drainage improvements will be constructed on the channel from the intersection of Democrat Rd. and S. Pinery Parkway west to the Colorado Horse Park. Currently the needs far exceed the available funding but some early work is expected to be scheduled for fall of 2019.