High Prairie Farms Metro District (HPFMD) homeowners

As of the first of March this year, the HPFMD Property Manager position has changed from Kenny Black (Will Travel LLC.) to Matt Miller (Miller Land Management). Kenny has stepped back from the Property Manager position after 27 years of outstanding, dedicated service to our Metro District. Kenny has agreed to stay on as a consultant thru December 2019 to help with a smooth transition to Matt.

Kenny and his family, Sandy and Kevin provided a strong commitment to the District, and in many cases undertook tasks that went well beyond his contract obligations. They plan to enter a well-deserved retirement and we thank them for their outstanding support and dedication to the District these many years. Although they will be missed, we feel fortunate that Kenny has agreed to stay on for another year and provide oversight and help ease the transition.

Matt comes to us from John Deere where he served over 10 years as a product engineer as well as a product consultant where he provided training to customers and dealers on use of various pieces of Deere equipment. Prior to John Deere Matt worked for Kenny for 10 years as a maintenance worker and operator. He feels that he has a good familiarity with the District and the positions expectations. Matt sought after the Property Manager position due to his enjoyment of working within the community and tending to the land through use of equipment. In addition to performing the District grounds maintenance, Matt will be getting help from Kenny to assume control of all the District equipment, materials and eventually assume control of subcontractor/service providers.

Please join us in welcoming Matt and wishing Kenny & Sandy the best retirement ever.

HPFMD Board of Directors



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Mission Statement

HPFMD was established to provide a mechanism for efficiently financing, through the use of tax dollars, the maintenance of parks, open space, medians and assist Douglas County with snow removal, which facilitate and sustain the aesthetics and encourages the growth in the market values of the property in the District such as High Prairie Farms/Timbers Subdivisions.


High Prairie Farms Metropolitan District (HPFMD), a quasi-municipal corporation, was organized on May 5, 1986, and is governed pursuant to provisions of the Colorado Special District Act. The District was established to provide public services, including streets, safety protection, transportation and park and recreational facilities.