High Prairie Farms Metropolitan District was originally formed in 1986.  It currently serves the areas known as High Prairie Farms Filing 1A; High Prairie Farms at the Lake, and all filings of the Timbers.  The District is authorized under its service plan to provide the following public services:

  • Roads & streets improvements,
  • Safety programs such as traffic control devices,
  • Public transportation,
  • Park and Recreational improvements and facilities.

Initially the District funded the building of roads within a portion of the District with General Obligation Debt to be paid for through taxes.  After some years of servicing the debt, the developer sold the property the debt was forgiven.  At this time the District mainly provides for the maintenance of the parks and open space within the District once ownership of developed land has been transferred to the District from the developer.

In 2008 the Board of Directors developed a Mission Statement to describe its purpose as follows:

The High Prairie Farms Metro District was established to provide a mechanism for efficiently financing, through the use of tax dollars, the maintenance of parks, open space, medians and assist Douglas County with snow removal, which facilitate and sustain the aesthetics and encourages the growth in the market values of the property in the District such as High Prairie Farms/Timbers Subdivisions.

The primary function of the District Board is to oversee and direct everyday maintenance operations and to prioritize and direct beautification and enhancement projects. The Board has worked to inform and educate the homeowners in the District about responsible wildfire protection as well as to systematically maintain the health of open space forests and to reduce the risk of wildfire.  Examples of recent improvements undertaken by the Board to improve the overall aesthetics and beauty of the property include upgrades to the street signage, the Pinery Parkway/Parker Road pond and entryway into the District, repairing existing rock walls along several community entrances, and newly updated neighborhood signs.