Attention High Praire Farms and Timbers Residents- Courtesy Notice regarding pet owner responsibilities in District Open Space:

The Metro District has received an increasing number of complaints from residents and
trail users regarding dog waste left along trails in District open space. Besides being
disgusting and dirty, dog waste is also considered hazardous because it can carry E.
coli bacteria and other nasty pathogens detrimental to both humans and other pets.
The Metro District has installed numerous dog-waste stations along all trails throughout
the District for pet owners convenience. Pet owners are encouraged to use the
provided bags and receptacles to dispose of pet waste to avoid littering and
contaminating open space and waterways. Discarding waste bags in open space is
inconsiderate and not unacceptable. No one wants to look at or deal with your pets
waste; bagged or otherwise so please be considerate and pickup after your pets and
dispose properly. District open space is an great amenity we should all appreciate so
please act responsibly. For those who do, thank you.

HPFMD Board of Directors



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Mission Statement

HPFMD was established to provide a mechanism for efficiently financing, through the use of tax dollars, the maintenance of parks, open space, medians and assist Douglas County with snow removal, which facilitate and sustain the aesthetics and encourages the growth in the market values of the property in the District such as High Prairie Farms/Timbers Subdivisions.


High Prairie Farms Metropolitan District (HPFMD), a quasi-municipal corporation, was organized on May 5, 1986, and is governed pursuant to provisions of the Colorado Special District Act. The District was established to provide public services, including streets, safety protection, transportation and park and recreational facilities.