The High Prairie Farms Metro District is asking all High Prairie Farms and Timbers homeowners for help stopping damage in our open spaces. We have recently experienced open space damage caused by: vandalism, small fires, bicycle/ Moto-cross bikes, ATV’s or landscaper equipment. There has been significant damage caused by homeowners or their contractors gaining access to their properties via District owned open space.

Many homeowners either don’t know their property boundaries, or don’t understand that using District open space to provide vehicular access to their property (i.e. contractor vehicles, mechanical equipment, skid steers, etc.) requires prior approval. Authorization may be given but only with the understanding that any and all damage to the open space is the responsibility of the homeowner. The adjacent property owner can be held responsible for damage to open space regardless whether damage is caused by his/her contractor, their children or the homeowner themselves. All costs for restoration of natural areas (grading, seeding, erosion control, etc.) can be charged to the homeowner responsible for damage. Due to the increase in open space encroachments and damage, notices will be sent to homeowners by direction of the Metro District Board.

Also, given the constant fire danger in our area all fires represent a risk of wildfire causing permanent property damage to our open space and our community. Please remember NO FIRES are allowed in District open spaces at any time, regardless of Douglas County fire restrictions. Some homeowners may remember the “Burning Tree Fire” in 2011 where juveniles started a grass fire just south of us. Most homeowners in the Timbers were evacuated due to the impending wildfire threat including the loss of our forest and our homes.

To protect our District’s open space natural beauty, we are asking all HPF and Timbers homeowners to help with the following:
1) Understand your property boundary lines, especially property adjacent to District open space. Any open space damage and all repairs are the responsibility of the offending homeowner.
2) Do not throw your tree limbs or yard debris into open space.
3) Ensure all members of your household understand the District open space rules:
4) No motorized vehicles (gas or electric) can operate in any District open space area/walk paths without authorization from the District.
5) No Fires are allowed on any part of District open space. If you see an open fire, call 911 and/or South Metro Fire District immediately.
6) No landscape changes/ground digging can be done to open space areas without the approval of the District.
7) All Dogs must be on leash and dog waste must be disposed of properly. Dog stations are positioned at several locations along all walking paths

If you observe anyone vandalizing District open space, take pictures and call the Douglas County Sheriff. You may also contact the District by calling (303) 779-5710. The Open Space belongs to all residents of High Prairie Farms and the Timbers. Individual caused damage and behavior that threatens open space deprives us ALL of a valuable resource and asset.




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Mission Statement

HPFMD was established to provide a mechanism for efficiently financing, through the use of tax dollars, the maintenance of parks, open space, medians and assist Douglas County with snow removal, which facilitate and sustain the aesthetics and encourages the growth in the market values of the property in the District such as High Prairie Farms/Timbers Subdivisions.


High Prairie Farms Metropolitan District (HPFMD), a quasi-municipal corporation, was organized on May 5, 1986, and is governed pursuant to provisions of the Colorado Special District Act. The District was established to provide public services, including streets, safety protection, transportation and park and recreational facilities.