HPFMD Off Duty Traffic Patrols Notice

High Prairie Farms and Timbers Residents

You may have noticed an increased presence of Douglas County Sheriff patrol cars in our community over the last couple of months.   Part of the increased presence is because the High Prairie Farms Metro District (District) has coordinated with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to conduct “Off Duty” patrols throughout our District community.   These “Off Duty” patrols are paid with District funds, are in addition to some Subsidiary HOAs’ “Off Duty” patrols (HOA focused areas) and the normal “on duty” patrols the DC Sheriff’s office already conducts.   The District sponsored “off duty” patrols will focus on speeding motorists (issuing either warnings or tickets) along with responding to any observed or reported criminal activity. Our main objective is to proactively address perceived safety concerns due to speeding in our community. The added patrol effort is due in part to growing concern from residents related to speeding in our community. While criminal activity is not the main objective the “Off Duty” patrols, they will react to any criminal activity which in turn, reduces critical response time. The frequency and time-of-day scheduling for the “Off Duty” patrols will vary depending on patrol results and officer feedback regarding their effectiveness. If you have any questions regarding the “Off Duty” patrol program, please go to the HPFMD website and submit your question under the “Report a Concern” tab.  

Thank You